Reinventing our paper since 1755

We explore new ways ahead

Reinventing our paper since 1755

We invest in people

Reinventing our paper since 1755

We invest in quality

Who we are

Founded in 1755 Fapajal is one of the oldest paper mills in the country, fully dedicated to paper tissue production and converting

Vision and strategy

Customers, Service, Differentiation, Innovation, Expansion, Quality, People and Sustainability are the eight vectors of our vision.


The pillar of all our activity is to constantly seek the right balance between the economic, social and environmental dimensions.

Reinventing Papermaking

Papermaking is a new paper production concept that adds to the roll manufacturing process a high level of customer service, a differentiator in the tissue industry. Based on demanding quality control at every stage of production, ensured by the application of technology and the technical know-how accumulated and transmitted over generations, our mother coils have a high quality standard.

Join industry and services

At Fapajal we want to continue the course of the last 260 years and innovate. We want to bring to this industry the capabilities, ways of acting and relevant experiences of the service world. In addition, we want to focus innovation directly on production processes, so that they incorporate more value into products and are relevant to customers.

Reinventing Papercare

Papercare is a concept that translates to the reinvention of comfort. We want to contribute actively to the well-being of all people, offering them, away from home, the quality and comfort of at home. It is for this purpose that we create our products, whether under our own brand or under our customers’ brand names. We are proud of supplying major brands in a wide number of sectors: Health, Hygiene, Catering and Retail. Find out more about our five lines of converted products: napkins, toilet paper, paper roll towels, table covers and wipes.

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At Fapajal we are 100% focused on providing the best service to our customers.

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