We reinvented our mission with an eye on the future
Vision and strategy


We want our customers to be at the core of our thinking and to be the focus of our strategy.

tissue parent reels manufacturer and converter - fapajal - customers at the core

We want our customers to be at the core of our concerns and to be the focus of our strategy.


tissue parent reels manufacturer and converter - fapajal - client-centric and experience


Our strategic approach is based on our customers. We want customers to be at the forefront of our concerns and focus on customer service. Only thus can we ensure a greater proximity and develop a reliable relationship that will make us grow as a company. Our customers’ feedback is crucial for our modus operandi, based on prompt and flexible responses in view of continuous improvement.


We aim to manufacture industrial products that will provide positive and enriching experiences to our customers, with new communication channels for the flow of information between the company and our customers. We want to be fully flexible in adapting, presenting and customizing our products to the specific need of our customers.


We want to be market leaders with an innovative portfolio, a differentiated approach and a unique voice that conveys in substantial and constructive terms the contributions of the company to the sector’s development. We emphasize a process-based approach to business, ensuring transparency and scalability.

tissue parent reels manufacturer and converter - fapajal - innovation


In paper industry innovation is key. In Fapajal we want to continue innovating as we have done over the last 260 years. We want to bring to this industry the skills, modus operandi and relevant experiences from the services sector. We also want to be innovative in our productive processes, incorporate a greater added value in our products and be relevant to our customers.

tissue parent reels manufacturer and converter - fapajal - expansion


We want to have a more integrated approach to the Iberian market and intensify Fapajal’s presence in international markets. But we want to go further: we will develop autonomous and sustainable lines of business for paper tissue parent reels production and converted products.


Over the past years, Fapajal’s focus on the price-quality ratio has been one of our great assets that we want to keep up because we know it is a differentiating factor in the market.


Over the past 260 years Fapajal has earned the loyalty of its employees. We want our values to be reflected not only in production practices but also in the relationships we develop with our team and customers.


For us, it is not just a word. We are initiating the production of environmentally friendly paper products that incorporate a percentage of recycled raw material whilst maintaining the same quality and characteristics of virgin fibre products. At Fapajal, we strive to balance economic, environmental and social sustainability.